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Diet and Healthy Exercise

Diet and exercise are simply not enough!

By Guillaume Lapointe-Gagner

If you’re obese and medically need to lose weight, you’ve probably been told you need to exercise and to eat less. Oftentimes, you’re sick and tired of hearing the same old thing – and you’d be right. Many experts are now saying that diet and exercise are simply not enough to help someone drop a significant amount of weight and keep it off.

Dr. Michel Gagner, founder and Chairman of World Without Obesity, argues that while obese patients may be successful in the first initial months of a weight loss program, the vast majority will eventually put the weight back on. He says that most of the causes of obesity have a lot to do with underlying biological issues in the body, which exercise and dieting cannot fix.

“Few individuals truly recover from obesity through their own efforts,” says Dr Gagner. That’s because obese patients may have different impulses when it comes to food compared to someone with an average BMI. Sufferers of chronic obesity may find that undergoing a restrictive diet may push their bodies’ impulse for caloric foods. Bariatric surgery may be the only option some people have to keep the weight off permanently.

Research also backs up that claim. In one 2015 study done by research organization STAMPEDE (Surgical Therapy And Medications Potentially Eradicate Diabetes Efficiently) – published in the New England Journal of Medicine – it found more than 90 percent of patients who received bariatric surgery were able to lose 25 percent of their body weight compared to just 5 percent of patients who underwent medical therapy (diet and exercise) alone. Keep in mind, this was the largest randomized trial to date examining the effectiveness of treatments available for obese and diabetic patients.

The results don’t lie. The Gastric Bypass and the Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy are some of the most effective treatments for combating chronic morbid obesity. Listen to the experts – it might just save your life.