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World Without Obesity is one of Canada’s charitable organizations dedicated to combating obesity in Canada and around the world.

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Why we created World Without Obesity

Who We Are

World Without Obesity is a worldwide, multidisciplinary association of physicians, dieticians and patients. Our committee is led by Dr. Michel Gagner, a pioneer in weight-loss surgery whose vision for a happier, healthier tomorrow guides us to do what we do.

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Our Mission

We aim to reduce the global and individual burden of obesity through subsidized surgery, research and preventative education.

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Our Vision and Our Values

We aspire to be leaders of healthy change for those suffering from obesity around the world.

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What will we do with the money raised?

We want to reduce the global and individual burden of obesity. Donations made will go to the highest priorities of the group.

Our immediate goals

Offer surgeries for low-income individuals. WWO will cover the associated cost of the surgeries for little to no cost

Providing access to world-class surgeons through strategic partnerships to help potential candidates all over North America

Raise awareness of the causes and consequences and preventive measures of obesity

Educational campaigns to make better food choices, increase physical activity, identify at-risk populations, for example, intervene at the time of pregnancy

Funding trips abroad for surgeons to operate in developing countries

Why World Without Obesity?

We are an association of obesity medicine industry leaders. Through our own collection of professional and personal experiences, we’ve become passionate about raising awareness and providing solutions to global and local issues concerning obesity. WWO is founded on the ideas and principles of Dr. Michel Gagner, a pioneer and leader in the bariatric surgical field.

We raise funds to give people access to surgical interventions. The most proven and effective method of combating obesity and Type II diabetes. That’s where we come in.

Help us combat obesity by donating on our website or by joining one of our yearly events.

We need your help

Please consider donating to World Without Obesity. World Without Obesity is a Canadian registered charity.


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We need your help

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