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Helping combat obesity in others is an act of bravery

By Guillaume Lapointe-Gagner

Taking the initiative and beginning your weight-loss journey can be the hardest and bravest thing you ever do in your life. Trust us, we know - at Word Without Obesity, one of our core values is bravery. Each and every single person that starts their weight-loss journey is engaging in a personal and meaningful act of bravery. 

Another act of bravery is helping others do the same. Not only does it help the other person at the receiving end, but it can galvanize you to be a better person, improve your physical and mental health, motivation and self-esteem, and give meaning to your own personal struggles. It’s also an act of true altruism.

Helping combat obesity in others is especially brave because of the stigma surrounding it. How many times have you heard the phrase, “they’re fat because they’re lazy and unmotivated.” That’s simply just not true. We know that chronic obesity is a complex issue involving systemic biological and societal prerogatives. This is why it’s so important we combat this problem together and in the open - to combat the stigmas with consolidated and strong actions.

Moreover, those who suffer from chronic obesity are often those in the most vulnerable strata of society. Research has shown that obesity and poverty are highly interconnected. That’s because some of the most processed and high-caloric foods are often the cheapest. Unfortunately, that means those most in need of the help are not in a position to help themselves.

At World Without Obesity, we can offer you an outlet to give back to the community that supported you in your weight-loss journey - fellow sufferers. With a simple one-time or monthly donation, you can be sure that your funds are going to a good cause - subsidizing treatment for those most in need. You can also help us by registering for one of our yearly events, or by volunteering directly.